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Services: Online Awareness

As everything happens online nowadays I would like to suggest helping each other out to create a better brand awareness for people that share the same goals and interests. If you are interested in help for your business, online presence, be it a new website or an opinion on your current website, or some kind of (social media) marketing, I'm happy to help and give my opinion. I'm also quite aware that not all fields want to be extremely in the limelight, while other fields want to be in the limelight with the right target group(s). So I can help brainstorm with you, and see what fits for you. I studied Economic & Consumer Psychology, so I know what is needed to work appealing towards the right target group(s). 

Feel free to ask a quote and contact me for any other questions. I work task and social oriented, but mainly I want to see clear results after working together. For me it is important to be rationally and emotionally driven to succeed and create something beautiful and useful at the same time. 

Things that I can offer or that I can help with are:




-Social Media

-Cold calling

-Warm calling


-Inviting you to Podcast





-Designing business supplies

-Promoting your business on my channel(s)

-Connecting to relevant influencers with the purpose to promote your business

-Create a marketing strategy where everything is worked out in detail

-Looking at competition if there is any (which are actually also great teachers with respect)

-Positive Vibes

-Finding the right target groups and locations for your ideas and brand

-Newsletter marketing

-Collecting data from people that showed some interest for future reference

*PS: this is meant for people in the same or related fields as me. I mean to promote especially Holistic Counselling and everything related to it. 

Hope to meet and talk to you soon about some form of collaboration! I'm open to different ideas, nothing is too crazy!

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