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Spilling Sand


As I worked my way through important self reflection and answering different spiritual and existential questions, I came to realize that to recover from a dysfunctional pattern means to feed yourself with a healthy pattern. In this Wellness Program I will guide you through building and rebuilding your Mental Health and Recovery through the means of Holistic Non Medicinal Treatment and Alternative Therapy. 

This Program is Suitable for anyone suffering from Psychological Difficulties and Challenges and can be custom made based on your own personal needs and preferences. The basic elements are described here, but there are additives and custom services that can add to the value of your Personal Recovery or Preventive Program. 

Groups that this is suitable for are:

-Men and Women
-Different cultures, religions and ethnicities
-Also for Minimum Wage and Lower Income

When you are ready and interested in the Wellness Program, please feel free to contact me and discuss the further arrangements and fee.

Wellness Program

Interview and Talk Therapy

Based on the Theory of Life Design, Journaling and Archetypes we define together Your Life Story and how Your Narrative can Grow Further. 

Psychology Patient

Herbal and Supplemental Support

Because of a lot of side effects, withdrawal and long term effects of medication use and unhealthy habits it is useful to use Herbs and Supplements (Natural Medicine) that can help support your recovery or prevent backdrop. 

Herbal Medicine

Loneliness, Your Sexuality & Love Relationship(s)

Through my intense reflections I found that the biggest craving in human life next to basal needs is the need for Love. This is actually a form of Sexual Love and connection that is craved for even in childhood already, which is why it is connected to addictions and the reward system in humans. 

Under the Stars

Art, Spirituality and Your Creative Muse

Creativity and putting your creativity into practice is one of the basal first steps to make up your mind into a real product or real manifestation. 

art intro

Physical Support through Dance, Yoga, Fitness and Massage

One of the best alternative therapies out there is actually Physical Activity, since it calms the brain and the nerves and can genuinely make you happier overall. Besides that it gives you good body awareness and a positive body image. 

Upbeat Dance Class

Your Hobbies and Your Income Career

Because Love Relationship(s) and overall happiness is difficult to make without an Income nowadays, it is important to understand how you can generate at least a minimum income and learn to accept less and be happy with less instead of striving for more constantly. The real gift is to do something you enjoy and that is fruitful for the community and yourself at the same time. 

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