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Creating Real Balance in Life, Health & Love with Holistic Counselling & Therapy - Natural Health and Transpersonal Psychology

About Us - Introduction

Holistic Counselling & Therapy

Health Conscious, Balance between Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions, Physical and Mental Therapy, Support through Talking, Bodywork and Creative Therapy. It is actually a combination of Naturopathic Knowledge and Psychology. 

Transpersonal Psychology is especially concerned about  esoteric mental experience (such as mysticism and altered states of consciousness) beyond the usual limits of ego and personality. 

Spiritual Psychology has to do with spiritual life questions and spiritual contemplation. 

I also can help You with shaping Your Life Story. This is part of the Life Design Therapy. 

Counselling Services

I offer my services in different settings. At the moment I offer only Online Counselling, due to circumstances and convenience for both of us. I'm flexible and can manage to work around your calendar if needed. It's possible to lengthen a session to 90 minutes. A session is always stand alone, and you don't have to go for a series or package, it really depends on the question(s) and things you want to work on. 

Shehnaaz - Holistic Counsellor and Therapist

Holistic Counselling exists out of different therapy forms that are not just based on talking and narrative. The idea behind Holistic Counselling is to balance body, mind, spirit and emotions and to communicate either by language, visual or through body. So a part of Holistic Counselling can be health related, physical or creative.

I stimulate people to work on their health, body awareness and creative talents. This makes you in life self sufficient, self reliant, prepared and resilient to future trials. By itself is working on yourself, self development and personal development also a way of living. Combined with spiritual knowledge and practice it comes really close to the modern Ayurvedic Lifestyle as how the Holistic Science was meant to be used. 

If you are interested in a session, consult or want to get more information, feel free to email me, and I will get back to you soon!


Speak to you soon! 


My Story

Working several years as a Holistic Counsellor (Psychology and Holistic Therapy), Bodyworker and Aesthetician/Beautician. I lived in Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. I have a Multicultural Multireligious Spiritual Background and like to combine knowledge from different places over the world.  

I'm born and raised in West Europe, but originally mixed. My philosophy and religious background is based on Liberation, Spirituality, Nature Religions and Holistic Treatments. The principles that I teach or give to my clients I also follow myself, so I know the effect of it and the effectiveness. 

I worked with both men and women from different ages, between 16+ and 80+, but also have experience in child care and baby care. 

Sensual Lady

My Mission


I want to help people become more effective in reaching their highest goals or even small steps towards a fullfilling life. I use different spiritual and holistic methods that work in a different way than regular therapy and medicine. I know there is a huge need for deeper meaning and integrating practical spirituality in day to day life, especially in teenager years where you try to find your purpose, but also in crises after you hit your 30's.


The western society can be quite individualistic, which gives a lot of freedom but can also leave you in despair and lost when you don't know the way or cannot find the right resources to understand your life and move ahead. Some people lack general motivation or flee into bad habits, which is actually quite common but still not the healthiest in the long term. The first step towards healing is becoming aware of a negative pattern or habit. After that you can find a way to overcome and understand this pattern better. 


I have a background in Psychology, Holistic Medicine, Bodywork and Aesthetics/Beauty. I noticed that the best way to integrate this knowledge is to work as an Holistic Counsellor. My focus point is to balance body, mind, spirit and emotions. I don't like to label or judge people and my overall philosophy is based on Acceptance, Unconditional Love and Liberation.  

Wrote 4 specific books and more...

Touch Beyond Religious Madness

First autobiography about practical spirituality and how to make spirituality concrete in your life. The reason for this book is to understand how and why I made these feelings and understanding the need to express myself. 

This is how I became to understand art and creativity later on. It was about my first long term partnership period and my childhood till young adult. 

Touch Beyond Religious Madness - US

Touch Beyond Religious Madness - CA

Touch Beyond Religious Madness - UK

Touch Beyond Religious Madness
Laava The Dark Night Queen

Laava, the Dark Night Queen

This is my second autobiography with more information and in depth visions about how I developed my intuitive sense and tantric feelings better. I talk about a bohemian or foreign life style that I adapted due to my heritage and traveling. The bohemian life means the travelers mind. I'm thinking about spirituality definitely connected to sexuality and intertwined with each other. I don't feel it is only ascetism or only hedonism though, as I'm connecting it to balancing and the right amount of things in the right way.  I also talk about crises and psychological trauma.


Laava - The Dark Night Queen - US
Laava - The Dark Night Queen - CA

Laava - The Dark Night Queen - UK 

Tantra Sexual

In this book I describe the Tantric Sexuality from a Female Perspective. I also talk a lot about symbolism and the erotic mind in depth. This is my fascination, because I look different at the world than mainstream, so I feel myself as the spiritual in betweener bohemian, which means that I like to keep the balance but into extremes also oscillate, which I see as part of life. I know there is a lot of controversy about sexuality and how a woman experiences sexuality and what women actually think because a lot is censored and not all women (can) express their opinion. Since I'm from a controversial yet multicultural background I felt the need to express my opinion about what I've experienced in my life. This book is also autobiographical and informational from a Female Perspective.


Tantra Sexual - US
Tantra Sexual - CA

Tantra Sexual - UK 

Tantra Sexual
Kaali's Drama

Kaali's Drama

In this book I describe the feeling of the Kaali Principle, based on the Hinduism Goddess Kaali. I explain how the Kaali is not negative and "evil" or "malefic", but actually a source of female raw sexuality, strength, justice, transformation and survival. This is necessary for a healthy woman to develop in her life, as she wants to feel more or less capable to handle life, even if it is by herself or in a relationship. The Kaali principle is less known in western society, but is still there in any woman, since it is a universal principle of female hood. In western society it is compared with Lilith, yet Lilith is oftentimes also seen as malefic or evil because of jealousy and revengefulness. Kaali is actually more of a transformational female archetype, and less revengeful directly. They are both however forces within women to understand and accept as part of a healthy individual. 

Kaali's Drama - US
Kaali's Drama - CA

Kaali's Drama - UK 



If you are interested in talking through Podcasting for an Interview or Cooperating with some kind of Podcast Project, feel free to look at my different profiles on the Podcast Platforms. I'm interested in discussing the following subjects: Mental Health, Psychology, Spirituality, Sexuality, Religion, Society Matters, Community, Philosophy, Forensic Science, Holism & Alternative Medicine. Feel free to contact me with any of your ideas! Shehnaaz Shehnaaz
Opinionated Criminology
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