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I offer my services in different settings. At the moment I offer only Online Counselling, due to circumstances and convenience for both of us. I'm flexible and can manage to work around your calendar if needed. It's possible to lengthen a session to 90 minutes. A session is always stand alone, and you don't have to go for a series or package, it really depends on the question(s) and things you want to work on. 

Our Services
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Holistic Counsellor and Therapist

Holistic Counselling exists out of different therapy forms that are not just based on talking and narrative. The idea behind Holistic Counselling is to balance body, mind, spirit and emotions and to communicate either by language, visual or through body. So a part of Holistic Counselling can be health related, physical or creative.

I stimulate people to work on their health, body awareness and creative talents. This makes you in life self sufficient, self reliant, prepared and resilient to future trials. By itself is working on yourself, self development and personal development also a way of living. Combined with spiritual knowledge and practice it comes really close to the modern Ayurvedic Lifestyle as how the Holistic Science was meant to be used. 

If you are interested in a session, consult or want to get more information, feel free to email me, and I will get back to you soon!


Speak to you soon! 

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